A gathering of liars!

Although today’s post is technically not a Bible verse, it is however prophetic, as it speaks to the coming One-World Government and the revival of pagan earth worship. In response to a recent news article in a local paper, I wish to offer the following comment:

With due respect to Mr. Suzuki, his arguments for placing the burden of responsibly for “climate change” upon the backs of western taxpayers is fatally flawed. I find it amazing how the phrase “climate change” has so galvanized the environmental movement worldwide. Most people do not realize there is an international effort by numerous groups to have carbon dioxide officially designated as toxic and dangerous, which is just utter nonsense. Carbon dioxide comprises an infinitesimal percentage of the atmosphere, and was created by God to be an integral element of life. Without carbon dioxide in our atmosphere and oceans the existence of life on this planet would be impossible, for it is trees and vegetation which convert carbon dioxide into oxygen; even my young children know this. No, there is another agenda playing out on the international stage. The environmentalists and socialists are now actively pursuing wealth distribution, which is the true hidden agenda of the global elite’s. If put in place, this process will effectively enslave our nation to foreign powers and completely destroy our economy and way of life. No doubt, the environmental situation around the world is dire, but it is not global warming that is the problem. Why is there virtually no mention of the toxic chemicals in our food supply (approved of course by our government)? How about toxic emissions from manufacturing, petrochemicals, consumer products and so on? Our modern society depends upon the consumption of fossil fuels for things like transportation, power generation, clothing, food production, and thousands of other items. The computer on which I am writing this letter would not exist without the use of fossil fuels, plastics and other more toxic compounds. Is Mr. Suzuki prepared to forgo any comfort or product that utilizes fossil fuels? This means doing without plastics, cars, heating, telephones, computers, and so forth. Think about this carefully. There are many scientists all over the world who disagree with the “facts” of global warming, just search the Internet and you will have no trouble proving this is so. The true facts are these; global climate is changing on an on-going basis at all times, with alternating cooling and warming periods. The Bible describes a climate that was much warmer and the plant life larger, which means there must have been more carbon dioxide available. Do we know for certain how much carbon was in the atmosphere 4000 years ago? No. Why? Because nobody bothered to measure it. Do not be fooled, the scare of global warming is a complete lie, an international “crisis” designed to enslave and bankrupt our country. Should we help other nations around the world whenever possible? Of course! Mr. Suzuki referred to the bail out of General Motors and Chrysler by both the Canadian and America governments (sorry, taxpayers), but failed however to mention these monies were borrowed from foreign lenders, which we are in no financial position to repay. Our wise Creator once said, “the borrower is servant to the lender”, and we would do well to take His advice. As I understand it, the United States and other nations are seriously considering schemes to effect some form of global climate medication, which is simply insane. Wake up people before it is too late!

Mr. Suzuki,

It is my prayer that you will come to full repentance of your sins before the Almighty God, Creator of the universe and LORD over all. He stands ready to forgive your sins, your iniquity and your lies. I know you do not believe in Him, but please ask yourself this question: What will my response be when He says “I never knew you, depart for me ye worker of iniquity”. The choice is YOURS so choose wisely.

God bless,

Friday, December 4th, 2009

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