Evolution or Creation?

A BIG BANG OR DIVINE CREATION?POINTS TO PONDER POINT #1Spacial singularity Evolutionary theory teaches the universe began from a rapidly expanding spacial singularity, spreading out both energy and space.Big Bang - 15 BYA.Stars - 10 BYA.Sun 5 BYA.Molten Earth - 4.5 BYA.First Oceans - 3.8 BYA.*The models evolve over time and billions of years are …

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NASA confirms “climate change NOT responsible for rainforest fires

https://www.climatedepot.com/2019/08/26/you-have-been-amazon-conned-nasa-amazon-rainforest-is-burning-at-below-average-rates-fires-mostly-farms-not-forests-bolivias-socialist-wildfires-ignored/ You have been Amazon.CONNED – NASA: Amazon Rainforest Burning At ‘Below Average’ Rates, Worst Since 2010 – Fires mostly farms, not forests – Bolivia’s ‘socialist’ Wildfires Ignored. Click here to read more.